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10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Have a Sister-In-Law

(family) Your brother getting married might seem like not such a good deal at first. You’ll no longer be the sole recipient of all the pampering. But if you get to know your sister-in-law you’ll realise that it is actually a blessing.

10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Have a Sister-In-Law
10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Have a Sister-In-Law

Here are 10 reasons why it’s awesome to have a bhabhi.

1. Your sister-in-law is just like your BFF. Just someone your mother trusts more, so all those night-outs can be super fun with her in tow.

2. If you miss having a sister then here is your chance to have someone special now.

3. She is the best person to go to for advice. You can bet on her to have your best interest at heart and also be brutally honest.

4. You can count on her to save you from all those awkward home situations.

5. You finally have an ally against that brother of yours.

6. You now have the best shopping partner in the world. Also the best selfie partner.

7. Who can give better relationship advice than her?

8. If you had no one to confide in at home earlier, now you have the best secret keeper.

9. You can count on her to pamper you, just like an elder sister would.

10. Even if you have your disagreements you know that she loves you to bits.

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