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10 Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Must Never Ignore

(health fitness) Often referred to as the disease that whispers, ovarian cancer has symptoms that could be misunderstood. But even though not easily recognisable, most women admit to noticing the symptoms. Ovarian cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow in one or both ovaries, located in the uterus. Here are 10 signs that to ovarian cancer which you should never ignore. Every girl needs to know this because prevention is always better than cure.

1. Abdominal pain

Your abdomen may swell up causing you pain. It could well be passed off as gas that you may not worry about much, but combined with other symptoms it could indicate more.


2. Bowel problem

Constant constipation and other changes in your bowel movements are signs of an underlying problem, which you must pay attention to.

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3. Pelvic pain

A sudden discomfort in the pelvic region combined with pain which goes up to the abdomen are signs of ovarian cancer. Don’t depend solely on painkillers for the pain, instead get it checked immediately.

4. Discomfort in the lower back

The pain can rise up from the pelvic area and continue to the lower back making it extremely unbearable.


5. Frequency in urination

If you notice a sudden urge to pee frequently that becomes difficult to control, you must not ignore. This is also a sign of weak pelvic muscles or urinary tract infection, but could even be ovarian cancer.


6. Loss of appetite

Feeling the need to eat less could be another subtle sign. You may also experience the feeling of fullness too soon that is combined with weight loss which may not be a good sign.


7. Pain during sex

Experiencing pain during sexual activity doesn’t always signal to ovarian cancer but surely is indicative.

8. Feeling fatigued

Being low and feeling fatigued is a signal you need to watch out for. Low energy levels can be an underlying condition you must not ignore.


9. Vaginal bleeding

Not always but some women complain of vaginal bleeding which could be due to ovarian cancer.

10. Changes in menstruation

Your menstrual cycle may change due to various reasons but if you notice severe changes combined with other conditions you may want to get it checked.

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