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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying Mehndi

(blog) The wedding season will soon be here anytime. And mehndi is one of the most revered things in an Indian wedding. A mehndi covered hand marks the beginning of the festivities. The aroma and the hue of mehndi kick-start the auspicious season of weddings. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, mehndi is indispensable. The darker and vibrant hues of mehndi come with a lot of patience and care. Here are the things you need to be careful about while applying mehndi.

1. Choosing a Mehndi Artist

Choosing a Mehndi Artist

There are many henna artists available in the market. You have to research a bit and ask for the customer reviews. Apart from this, you also have to check on the quality of henna he is using. Too many chemicals in the mehndi can irritate your skin. If you’re trying a new henna artist, you can ask for the trial session as well.

2. Selecting the Design

Selecting the Design

Choosing the design is very important. Whether it’s your D-Day or your friend’s, don’t rely on the design chosen by the henna artist. Show your designs to the artist. He will also take some time to absorb the design you’ve chosen. Choose the design beforehand.

3. Wear the Right Kind of Outfit

Wear the Right Kind of Outfit

Application of mehndi is not limited to your palms only. So, pick your dress aptly. Wearing a dress with the runny sleeves will ruin your mehndi as well as clothes. Refrain from wearing heavy sarees or lehenga. Wear something comfortable, in which you can sit for 3-4 hours straight.

4. Apply Mehndi a Few Days Before the Wedding

Apply Mehndi a Few Days Before the Wedding

People are always conscious about their mehndi fading away in a matter of a day. But the fact is, for the first few days, the mehndi gets darker before it starts fading away. The actual colours of henna can be seen after 3 days. To avoid any distraction start applying the henna, start with the mehndi before the guests arrive. Ideally, the mehndi should be applied a couple of days before the wedding so that the colours of henna are more vibrant and darker.

5. Pay Attention to the Aftercare

Pay Attention to the Aftercare

Just remember this thing, that you have to keep the mehndi intact on your hands for at least 6 hours before you scrape it off. Don’t put water on your hands immediately. Apply a few drops of mustard oil or clove oil for getting the darker hues of henna. Scrape the henna off using a knife. Sleep with your hands and palms covered. Wrap them in a glove and keep them warm for a deep and rich colour.

Avoid While Applying Mehndi

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