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These 5 Make Up Products Will Help You Fake The Winter Glow

(Make Up Products tips) Sometimes, no matter how much you moisturise, you just can’t beat the woes of harsh winters. Even if you have given all the TLC, sometimes your skin just doesn’t behave. It won’t become flaky, but it still won’t look fresh and luminous. So, what do we need to fix this? We fake it. That’s right. We bring out our make-up, and cheat every bit of that luminous glow. Here is all the ammo you need.

Start with a hydrating base

Start with a hydrating base nbsp

We can’t stress enough on how much you need to moisturise. If you have soft and plumpy skin, your make-up has the chances of looking more natural. Let us let you in on a secret. Take your extra virgin coconut oil and massage a few drops ten minutes before you go in to apply your primer. It will instantly light up your face.

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Keep your base light

Ditch full coverage foundations if you want to fake a healthy glow. Go for your favourite tinted moisturiser or BB cream, and make sure you apply with a damp sponge or a buffing brush. Add a few drops of your favourite serum on the brush before you start blending. This trick, too, will give you a hydrated look.

Add some colour

Add some colour nbsp

Of course, a bit of soft flush will only make things better. We suggest you ditch your powder blushes for this look. The more moisturising the product, the better it is for us. Take a warmer shade of cream blush, and apply it on the apple of your cheeks for a healthy glow.

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Brighten your eyes

Your eyes make all the difference. If your eye area looks wrinkly and tired, it will bring down your whole face. So, brighten your peepers. Prep your eye-area with eye cream, and then apply your creamy under-eye concealer. Also, add some champagne eyeshadow on your eyelids and inner corner of your eyes to make them pop.

Use highlighter

Use highlighter nbsp

The strobing trend is having a big moment on social media. So, take full advantage of it. Avoid powder highlighters though, and stick to cream ones. And make sure they have less glitter. This will help you cheat your way through a natural glow. Or you can also use petroleum jelly, and put it on top of your cheekbones to get that glossy sheen.

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