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5 Types of Scarves Every Girl Should Have in Her Wardrobe!

(fashion trends) So finally it’s raining! Therefore, to add to the already beautiful and vibrant weather, you need some new additions to your wardrobe. How about a colourful scarf? There are so many scarves available these days in different material and patterns. These scarves are comfortable and chic.

So here are 5 types of scarves which every young girl should have in our closet.

1. Cotton Scarf

Cotton Scarf nbsp

Cotton is the most reliable material for monsoons. No matter how much it rains outside, the weather’s going to be extremely humid. So a breathable fabric is what we need. These scarves will not stick to your body or absorb water.

2. Mulmul Scarf

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Mulmul is softer than cotton. You can wear them with your long Kurtis. These scarves will not soak water or sweat. You can find style and comfort both at the same place.

3. Cotton Silk Scarf

Cotton Silk Scarf nbsp

Silk doesn’t crease easily, so you can also shove it in your bag without worrying about the creases. Even if it gets wet, it dries up quickly.

4. Polycotton Scarf

Polycotton Scarf nbsp

Polycotton is a blend of cotton and polyester. As compared to pure cotton, it doesn’t get creased easily.

5. Chiffon Scarf

Chiffon Scarf nbsp

It is the perfect pick for the girls who don’t want to add any weight around their neck. It dries up quickly and this makes it ideal for monsoons.