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8 Tips to Give Your Ponytail a Celebrity-Style Makeover

(style tips) Ponytails are easy. Just pull your hair back and tie. Perfect for those busy work days when you need to look neat and professional. But the ponytail can get rather boring sometimes. That’s why we took a little celebrity inspiration to help you give your favorite hairstyle a makeover. Here’s how you do it.


1.Back comb your crown area, tie a high pony tail, apply some hair spray and voila!


2.If you like a slick ponytail, side part your hair with a tail comb to side part your hair, then tie it in a ponytail.

Don’t forget to fix the fringes with bobby pins. A little hair spray and you are good to go.


3.The messy bouffant pony looks stunning. All you need is to back comb your hair in order to get this look right.


4.The side knot ponytail looks super cute. If you have fringes, tie a side-knot and you are ready to hit the road.


5.The slick ponytail with a middle parting can look really gorgeous. And this hairstyle doesn’t need any special effort.


6. A bun like ponytail, this one is a little difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

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If you have long mane, twist it into a small bun and leave the remaining hair loose. Fix the stray hairs with bobby pins. We bet it will look fabulous.


7. Part your hair in half. Tie the crown area into a high pony tail. If needed, back comb a little bit. Now tie the lower half into ponytail below the first one. Spread the hair from your first ponytail in order to cover the second one. Use some hair spray to keep it in place.


8. Back comb the hair in your crown area, and tie it in a neat ponytail. Then slide your fingers through your crown area to give it a side parted look. We bet this will be your go-to ponytail style.

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