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Birthday Special | 10 Things You Know About Mandira Bedi

(celebrity birthdays) 1. I love that Bandra has two stretches of fun places, where you get every kind of cuisine and indulgence. One is off Carter Road and the other is the Pali Mala stretch. Not one food mile, but two.


2. Bandra has great topography that adds to its character. There are two sea faces and two hills (Pali Hill and Mount Mary), while most of Mumbai is just flat land.

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3. I love that I can get home delivery of everything from medicines, mobile phones, crepes and even clothes from my favourite store.


4. Bandra has a choice of two sea-facing promenades, which were cleaner even before the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was launched.

5. I love that Bandra is truly green. My son can choose from quite a few parks to go to—Joggers Park, Union Park, Bajaj Park, Almeida Park and Patwardhan Park.


6. The old and the new co-exist beautifully in harmony with 100-year-old Catholic houses situated right beside spanking new modern buildings. That’s what makes Bandra charming.

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7. The festival of Bandra is truly unique. It’s the only suburb that holds this amazing week-long event, where Bandra becomes the melting pot for performing arts, music, cultural activities, sports and more.


8. I like that people in this neighbourhood don’t judge you. You could see someone get off a Lamborghini and eat a vada pav or a man step into a five-star hotel in a pair of shorts and slippers.

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9. I love that Bandra is lit up all throughout the festive season, from September to January. It embraces every religious celebration.


10. Most of all, I love that Bandra is safe. I can run or walk late at night without fear and hail an autorickshaw without feeling unsafe.

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