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Deepika Padukone: Working With Salman Khan Is ‘One Of A Kind’

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While Deepika Padukone and Salman Khan have never come together on-screen till now, Deepika feels it otherwise.
This leggy lass has done three films already with Shahrukh Khan. Does that mean she is a loyal SRK actress? Deepika who had come for the 16th Mumbai Film Festival speaks about Salman Khan.
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When quizzed about why has she not done even a single film with Salman and is it because she is a true Shahrukh Khan fan, she says, “Shahrukh Khan has not kept me under lock and key that is keeping me away from working with other actors. That is totally false. I have my own individual equations with actors and I don’t belong to any particular camp. I have worked with every actor and producer.”
She further adds,”Working with Salman Khan is in itself an experience and I would love to go through that.”
Though she has been offered many films in the past, first film which she was proposed to do was with Salamn Khan. The actress feels that she was not ready at that time.
She says,”Unfortunately, every film that we have tried to associate in after that, hasn’t worked out for different reasons. Salman and I aren’t going anywhere. I am sure there will be more opportunities.”
The day ‘Salman and Deepika acting together’ news comes out, that day would be the best for all fans of Deepika and Salman.