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Elli Avram Hot Maxim Photoshoot 2016

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(photoshoot) The gorgeous Elli Avram, who shared sizzling chemistry with Kapil Sharma in the film Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karun, makes her Maxim debut with a super-sexy photoshoot. Since it’s the month of love, we ask this Greek-Sweden import about the qualities she looks for in her man.

“He has to be funny. He has to make me laugh because that is one of the best things someone can do in life.” Though a good sense of humour is crucial to Avram, a beautiful heart is paramount. “He has to have a huge respect for family because that’s important to me.”

This intelligent lass also suggests that men need to brush up their knowledge and she doesn’t mean just talking about world affairs but also deeper things. “He has to be really intelligent – having the knowledge to talk about deeper things in life. I mean intelligent guys attract me. And I’m realising that looks are actually not that important.”

And for all the girls out there, who are looking to dress-up for their men (and tease them), here are a few of Avram’s (style) secrets. “I love high heels. I’ve always found that looks sexier than wearing something with a deep neck and a push-up something… Then there is nothing left to tease with. I think I’ve always liked teasing.”