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Exclusive! Ankita Lokhande: I’m not getting married anytime soon


Exclusive! Ankita Lokhande: I’m not getting married anytime soon – Whether it’s making her big Bollywood debut with Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi or finally finding love, Ankita Lokhande admittedly is in a much happier space. When we catch up with her, over lunch, she discusses how she’s matured over the last few years and why she isn’t ready for marriage yet…

Bollywood is one place where you can get typecast easily. Did that thought ever cross your mind?

No, that thought never occured to me. I’m very happy, sorted and content with whatever I’m doing. I should feel good about things I’m part of and right now, I’m extremely proud to say that I’m playing Jhalkaribai in Manikarnika which happens to be one of the biggest films. Talking about being typecast, I guess the industry has also changed a lot today. People don’t stereotype an actor anymore because they want to see them doing more content driven roles. I can do any role. I’m not worried about getting typecast because I’m doing a period film.

So, there were never any insecurities?

No, I’m a very happy-go-lucky girl who just wants to perform. That’s my only passion. I don’t know what insecurities are because I don’t think I belong to any league or I’m competing with anyone. If I have to take a position, I will get it through my work. But right now, there’s nothing. I’m a newcomer, more like a baby who’s taking her first step. And I don’t think bachche ko kabhi insecurity hoti hai kisi se. I hope that the film industry accepts me, too.

With so much being said about Kangana Ranaut, what’s you equation with her?

She’s nothing like what many perceive about her. Kangana is an extremely secure actor. If you’re confident about yourself, you are not insecure about anyone else. Plus, she was the captain of the ship, so she needed to handle every character very well. She never thought about just her role. She took charge of every character. My perception is different because she took care of everyone.

What has been the best compliment for you, so far?

I don’t know about that but once the promos were released, I saw my mom and dad getting really emotional about it. The tears, the pride that their daughter is on screen, was very touching. I love my family, so giving that happiness to them was something else. I guess that was somewhere lost in between and I got it back somewhere.

Sushant (Singh Rajput)also wished you well on social media. So there’s no bad blood between you two?

No, obviously, there’s nothing of that sort. I think I’ve become more sensible. His message made me feel good. Everybody was appreciating me on social media, he did the same. There’s nothing more to it. I just thanked him. It’s nice to appreciate good people, and talented actors. I also appreciate him and his work. I think he’s been the best in every film. We have known each other for the longest time, so it was a good gesture from him.

Are there any plans to tie the knot?

No! I’m not getting married anytime soon. Right now, my focus is on my career. There’s no pressure from my family at all. They’re quite chilled out about it. What will happen after marriage, anyway? Nothing. So I’ve chosen this career and I am finally back, so, I want to do it for myself and my family. Whenever I get married in future, I will continue to work.

Exclusive! Ankita Lokhande: I’m not getting married anytime soon