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Fan quick take It’s Shah Rukh Khan v Shah Rukh Khan in this thriller

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(movies reviews) Shah Rukh Khan has stepped out of his comfort zone with Maneesh Sharma-directed Fan. A far cry from his romantic image, Fan takes us back to the days of Anjaam and Darr when SRK played obsessive lover/stalker with aplomb.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge changed all of that. In Fan, the actor plays movie star Aryan Khanna – obviously based on his own persona with even shots done outside his luxurious Mumbai home. He also plays Gaurav, a creepy obsessed fan with prosthetics and brilliant white teeth.

It is about the imaginary relationship between a star and his fan. It is just that the fan is street smart, cynical and expects too much from the star. Gaurav wins a Aryan Khanna tribute and decides to head to Mumbai to meet his favourite star. Things don’t go well and Gaurav’s love sours and turns into hate.

He will then travel around the world, following on Aryan’s footsteps, and staging crimes whose blame will be pinned on his erstwhile god. The film also stars Waluscha D’Souza and Sachin Pilgaonkar’s daughter, Shriya. The film lacks any songs and plays like a thriller. Only, it needs more teeth and tighter editing.