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Fashion Trends That Need To DIE In 2016

(fashion trends) There were many trends from 2015 that we absolutely adored, like sneaker wedges and the sexy minimalism of normcore. But, some of those trends have carried on to 2016 and have become tiresome. We agree that fashion allows us to express ourselves but sometimes (just sometimes); everything goes a bit bananas and TOO. MUCH. Here are the trends we REALLY wish stop existing in the current year.

Festival Fashion

Coachella nbsp

We blame you, Coachella. Seriously, though, the flower crowns, the short-shorts, the crochet-barely-there slips and the worst … lingerie worn as clothing. They ALL needs be thrown out of the window.

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Excessively Distressed Denims

Deepika Padukone turns designer View pics nbsp

At first, it started with jazzing up denims by creating small rips. But, soon people went overboard with their scissors and started cutting huge chunks out of the fabric. Now, jeans are more hole, than denim! STOP ALREADY.


Shrobing nbsp

The art of shoulder robbing A.K.A the coat-awkwardly-slung-over-the-shoulders look – “shrobing” – is a popular trend started by fashion bloggers. It soon spread to every single Fashion Week, much like a disease. The thing about this trend is that it is really hard to carry off (because the layer continues to slide and makes it a task to raise your arms). Sorry, but not sorry, this one really needs to go.

Leggings As Pants

LeggingsAsPants nbsp

No, leggings cannot be worn as pants. Leggings work great under your skirts, but they are NOT meant to be worn as bottoms. As you can probably tell, this issue makes us mad.

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Out-Of-Control Fringe

OutOfControlFringe nbsp

It was great to see this 70s trend make a comeback last year. But, we are so done with it. The fringe details have blown out of proportion, they’re seen everywhere; from skirts, to jackets and on shoes as well. You end up looking like Cousin It from The Addams Family.