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Fierce Nicki Minaj On V Magazine’s Winter Edition

Nicki Minaj is bold, curvy and fierce in the V magazine’s new issue. Covering V magazine’s Winter 2014/15 edition, the 31-year-old is showing her fierce side and proves that she is not a weak woman whom you can overlook.
In the V magazine’s Winter 2014/15 edition, the rapper spoke about her huge success in the traditionally male-dominated field of rap. Explaining she deliberately ‘pushes the envelope’, Nicki Minaj has shown the importance of her work to younger girls.
Shot by Mario Testino, Nicki Minaj has shown her animal side while posing for V magazine. In an interview with the magazine, the ‘Anaconda’ singer said, ‘I love women who take control, who set standards, and who believe in themselves enough to lead the way in terms of their career.’


Nicki Minaj has dressed up in body con dresses showing off her perfect curves and fashion sense in designer labels for the magazine. She said on fashion, ‘It’s like showing off! I think rap is a lot of showing off, and fashion is too. Versace is like, Look at me, b****. I’m here.’
Talking about her chart-topping modesty, Nicki Minaj said in the interview, ‘I’ve done that. When I win and when I lose, I take ownership of it, because I really am in charge of what I do.” Adding further, she said, ‘There are a lot of strong male rappers, who’ve influenced me a great deal in terms of my skill, my flow, and my business-savvy side. But at the end of the day, I still want to inspire women.’


Keeping controversies and commercial success in mind, she said, ‘I always push the envelope because I’m Nicki Minaj. I have to. No matter who I’m on a song with, I feel like I have to say at least one thing that no one else is willing to say. Whether it’s Madonna or Britney or Beyoncé, they always tell me, “YES. Be yourself. Talk your s***.”‘

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Photographer Mario loved working with Minaj and tweeted as the shots were released, ‘ Nicki rocked us with her looks and her strength. She was comfortable in all situations. I was amazed by her.’