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Finding her glam quotient


Finding her glam quotient – Actress Dimple Hayathi gets a makeover as she shoots for a special song in Valmiki.

Having played roles that didn’t need her to showcase her glam side so far, actress Dimple Hayathi will be next seen in a special number in Valmiki, which is being directed by Harish Shankar. She will perform stunning dance moves in the high energy mass number choreographed by Sekhar master.

Dimple, who has already shot for the number, was apparently sceptical about it all. “I was a bit apprehensive about getting stereotyped if I did a special song at an early stage of my career. But Harish convinced me to do the song,” says Dimple, adding, “Moreover, I love the concept of the song and was thrilled to be part of a dance number for the first time.” Describing the song experience as great, Dimple says that initially, it was slightly challenging for her to get used to the ambience and prepare for the dance moves. “But after as the shooting progressed, I started enjoying the whole experience. My costumes are also very glamorous. It was a fun shoot.”

Being a trained classical dancer, Dimple says she always wanted to experiment with her dance moves. “But doing a special number was almost an instant decision and if I look back in retrospect, I feel gratified for agreeing for doing the number,” she reveals, adding that Harish had chosen her for her looks and expressions.

Finding her glam quotient


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