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Get a Hilarious View of Rain in Bollywood Movies

(blog) Bollywood has been connected with rains since a very long time. The filmmakers never miss a chance to shoot songs with the hero and the heroine in the Mumbai rain. The drenched lovers may reunite in the rains after a long period of separation. Therefore rain is a formula that never fails in the Bollywood movies. Here are some of the common scenes that are generally shot during the rain.

Show Body Without Undressing:


If the filmmaker wants to reveal his heroine’s body without undressing, he will surely use a sequence of rain in the movie. Chiffon sarees, preferably white in color can show the curves of the body very clearly.

Heroic Gestures:


When the hero fights with the villain either in the street or in some outdoor boxing ring, rain can add valor to the heroism. The audience can see that the hero is fighting under some challenging situations. The bare chest of the hero, when drenched with rain can add more passion in the scene.

Introduce A Love Making Scene:


Rain can act as a prelude to a love making scene. The conservative heroine may not have even dreamt of a pre marital affair. But when the rain starts, the hero and the heroine get caught in some close by hut, if possible with a fireplace. With the sudden thunder and lightning, the heroine gets scared and clings to the body of the hero. Both of them get carried away after that moment.

Mumbai Festivals:


When the festival scenes are being shot in Mumbai, it remains incomplete without the rain. To show off Mumbai spirit with the Ganpati bisarjan or the Dahi Handi festival, rain can add the real effect. You can buy designer salwar suits for any kind of traditional festival and can surely enjoy them in the rain!!

Hero Falls in Love:


Yes, the hero falls in love with the heroine after seeing her in the rain. As soon as the rain starts, the heroine starts dancing happily in the rain. Just seeing the spontaneity and the childish nature, the hero promptly falls in love with her.

To Provoke a Man:


For provoking the hero, the rainy background can be the ultimate choice. You must be remembering the sensuous item song of Sri Devi in the movie Mr. India, where her blue-green chiffon saree soared the temperature high, though it was raining heavily.

Add To Tragedy: Even in tragic scenes, rain can play a great role. There may be a crisis situation, where an old man has suddenly got sick or a pregnant lady is just about to deliver her baby, rain can play a role of a tragic scene. Filmamkers can also add more tragedy by keeping the hospital very far from the home and even the car may break down on the way.

Romantic Songs:


Many romantic songs have just become popular due to the rainy background. You must be remembering the Raj Kapoor and Nargis famous song in rain ‘Pyar hua ikrar hua’. The chemistry between the hero and the heroine speaks itself in the rain. This song is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most romantic songs in the entire history of Bollywood.

Starting from the childish charm to the seducing effect, you will get all in the rains! The rain actually enhances the emotions in every scene, be it tragic, happy or provoking. The monsoon can really pour in some magic into the emotional or passionate scenes in the Bollywood movies. Not only in the 80s movies, the rain plays an important role even in the current Bollywood movies.

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