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Getting a Perfect Face During Lunch Break

(skin care) Today, our lives move really fast. We eat fast, drink fast, walk and talk fast, travel fast, and even our lovemaking is done fast. We simply cannot enjoy the luxury of time to take care of our bodies properly. We have to squeeze this in a small time window we have at lunch break, or before falling asleep. That is why you have to learn to make your face beautiful in less than one hour because life is not going to wait for your long boring beauty treatments.


Honey and Sugar Scrub

For this easy exfoliating treatment, that you can do during your lunch break, you will only need some brown sugar and honey. If you scrub your face with this mixture, you are promised an instantly smoother skin. Sugar is way better than those commercial scrubs because it is finer and it will not irritate your skin. Also, honey is a perfect moisturizer that is safe for all skin types. Honey can heal your skin, moisturize it and protect it from germs because of its antibacterial qualities. Try easy exfoliating scrub, and if there are some leftovers you can even have it as a dessert.

Honey and Sugar Scrub


If you like your exfoliating done by a professional, then you can arrange a quick microdermabrasion treatment at your local med spa or dermatologist office. This procedure involves removal of dead skin cells by applying crystals in a gentle motion, which peel off the top layer of your skin, leaving you fresh and ready to get back to work. If you choose to visit a med spa, the application of crystals will be boosted up by microdermabrasion machine, which will remove your dead skin cells faster. Also, there are numerous microdermabrasion treatments that you can purchase yourself, and exfoliate professionally at your lunch break. Just make sure to buy products that have fine crystals so you would not damage your skin.


Quick Injection

Cosmetic treatments that you can directly inject into your skin are the fastest way possible to enhance your beauty. During your lunch break make a quick stop at your dermatologist’s office and have a Botox treatment. This procedure takes only a few minutes and it is absolutely painless. It is perfect for minimizing your wrinkles, and it leaves you with perfect, smooth skin which is ready for the world. Another injectable product that does a pretty similar job is dermal fillers. This injectable treatment takes only 15 minutes of your time, but can show immediate results. Dermal fillers tighten your skin, making it appear more youthful and fresh, which, we all know, are the key factors for the utmost beauty. Both of these treatments need to be freshened up after a couple of months, but that is just another fun lunch break for you.

Use Primers

There is nothing bad with creating an illusion to make your beauty pop even more. For this illusionist trick, you will need the help of some primers and make your face smooth immediately. Primers usually contain silicones and hydrating agents that can temporarily tone up lines of your skin and make it appear smooth and even. However, if your skin is oily or you have problems with acne, you should look for some alternative primers that contain agents, which draw water into the skin and allow it to breathe at the same time. Use your primers prior to applying your makeup and create a perfect and smooth base that will promise you a flawless beauty.

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