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‘Happy Bhaag Jayegi’ Film Review

(movies reviews) How do you take people with names such as Happy, Guddu and Bagga seriously? Well, you don’t have to, if the film you are watching is Happy Bhaag Jayegi. The tale of a feisty bride (Diana Penty) and the three men that she has got wound around her slim fingers is what spurs this romantic comedy forward.

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Happy Bhaag Jayegi is a situational comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A Punjabi bride’s elopement plan that goes awry and takes her to Lahore is what sets the ball rolling. Director Mudassar Aziz has to be given credit for not adding jingoistic overtones to this comedy that travels between India and its long-time rival Pakistan. Geographical conflicts aside, life on either side of the Wagah border separating India and Pakistan is essentially the same.

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Abhay Deol plays the reluctant politician Bilal Ahmed, who’s often reminded that he needs to take his family’s political dynasty forward. Ahmed agrees to help Happy find a fairy tale ending with her childhood sweetheart, played by Ali Fazal. They hatch a plan to bring Guddu, who is still in India, into Pakistan and marry the two lovebirds. But the unfortunate part is that it’s not easy to buy into Penty’s story. Her love for her childhood mate, essentially an unemployed musician, is unconvincing.

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She’s all heart and no logic. While she paints a fetching picture, she isn’t compelling enough to nail the goofy act. And why do all the men in this film fall head over heels in love with her? Trust me, Happy’s personality isn’t that lush.There’s Guddu, Bagga (the vengeful groom played by Jimmy Shergill) and Bilal Ahmed all hoping to win over the spunky Happy.

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While the first half is promising, the second half derails with unnecessary cliched complications, which includes everyone turning up in the same town. Fortunately, the love angles were wrapped up in a sensible manner. There was no drama and that was a relief. This is no laugh riot, but Happy Bhaag Jayegi has its glorious moments. Reserve this for a one-time watch.