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Haseena Parkar: Shraddha Kapoor recalls moments of self-doubt while shooting for Apoorva Lakhia’s biopic

Haseena Parkar: Shraddha Kapoor recalls moments of self-doubt while shooting for Apoorva Lakhia’s biopic – Shraddha Kapoor’s first biopic ‘Haseena Parkar’ is hitting theatres this Friday

Shraddha Kapoor as ‘Haseena Parkar’

It’s easy falling in love with Shraddha Kapoor. In the role of a girl next door, just like her fans even camera adores her sweet and innocent face. So no surprises her filmography so far boasts of love stories like EK Villain, ‘Aashique 2’ and ‘Half Girlfriend.’ But what happens when she plays evil and gives up her goody two shoes.

‘Haseena Parker’ boasts of many firsts…first ever biopic for Miss Kapoor and that too in a grey character. Shraddha will be seen in the role of terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar who ran her own crime ring. And the filmmaker who has proven to be the boss of gangster movies in Bollywood didn’t take much time to convince her. Shraddha Kapoor says, “He (Apoorva Lakhia) narrated me a kick-ass script. I had to say yes to it. You don’t get opportunity to play a grey-shaded character and that too based on a real life person. You see so many other layers to the person and how they become what they become. The entire thing was fascinating to me.”

Shabana Azmi has played the role of Godmother with conviction in the past and now Shraddha has given her all for the role Aapa. There were days of self doubt but the actress remembers how her director helped her sail through it. “I thrive on the affection, encouragement and love I get from my director. There wasn’t a single day that he said anything that would dilute my-self belief. Even though there was a lot of self doubt, but not in a way that I was disheartened in any manner. Apoorva thank you for always making me feel good.”


Brother Siddhanth Kapoor in the role of Dawood is a plus, not only from Shraddha but for the film too. Apoorva Lakhia says, “The advantage what real life siblings bring to the film is familiarity. They have been cast in a role from the age group from 17-45, they have been through most of that so it becomes natural for them to act accordingly. And that’s the portion where we have taken cinematic liberties as we don’t know what they were like then. We have just heard about them. There is a great advantage because not only they rehearsed at home, the script narration happened at their house where they were sitting on their large 20 seater dinning table. They even came together for costume trials.”

Haseena Parkar’s life took a huge turn because of her brother and in real life too Siddhanth and Shraddha Kapoor have each other’s back. Giving details of their personal relationship Shraddha says, Like other siblings we also didn’t get along when we were small, but then something unusually happened, we started becoming friends. We started hanging out together and you do your thing I ll do my mine stopped happening. We became best friends so we have our own communication. “ Siddhanth agreed to it and added saying, “We still save each other. We are used to not telling our parents ‘our’ things. We used to sneak each other in and out of the house. We have done that for each.Our parents can’t get anything out of us. We have each other.”

Shakti Kapoor’s son has been choosy about his choice of role but happy to carry forward his father’s lineage, Siddhanth is happiest doing negative characters. “I won’t tell people to become gangster in life but playing the character is larger than life. The character has so many layers, you go through so much in life, the relationship with people and it demands so much. That’s why if you see the last 4-5 films I have done had grey shaded characters. Kabhi pagal kabhi gangster kabhi addict bana dete hai mujhe. It’s a challenge to perform such roles. I have seen the film recently and it has turned out well.”

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This Friday Shraddha is hoping audience like her in a drastically different character and is convinced by her act as Haseena Parkar. As after that she gears up for yet another biopic based on journey of badminton player, Saina Nehwal. Shraddha says doing a biopic comes with a responsibility. “I think it’s important to be true to the real life character. You are showing someone’s life, so that responsibility is on everyone’s shoulder. When the family members of the person will watch it so they should feel you have stayed true to it and not disappointed them.”

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Haseena Parkar: Shraddha Kapoor recalls moments of self-doubt while shooting for Apoorva Lakhia’s biopic