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Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis & Other Celebs Without Makeup!

Women love makeup and can never go out without applying a little. When we look at the celebrities, they look flawless and next to a Goddess. Thanks to the makeup tricks, the stars look next to perfect with no spots or skin problems.

However, there are only a few celebrities who look stunning without the makeup as well. For example, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep are some of the Hollywood actresses who look gorgeous even without makeup. Julia Roberts is another star who has played de-glam roles and made us fall in love with the ‘Pretty Woman’ all the more.

On the other side, we have some Hollywood stars who look scary as hell without makeup. For example, Mila Kunis who is considered as one of the sexiest woman in the world looks unrecognisable without makeup. If we take a look at her recent pictures, then the ‘Friends With Benefits’ actress looks really different (may be due to the pregnancy).

We decided to take a look at the Hollywood actresses who look unrecognisable without makeup.