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Nail Care Tips Home Remedies

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(beauty style) Nails are the one of our most noticed features. You nails tell a lot about you; your lifestyle, your dietary habits and even your confidence level can be evaluated by having a single glimpse of your nails. Therefore, it is very important to take proper care of you nails and treat any nail-care issues ASAP. Here are given some nail care home remedies to help you fix everyday nail issues promptly and keep them looking healthy always:

Nail Care Tips Home Remedies
Nail Care Tips Home Remedies

For Brittle Nails

To strengthen fragile, easily breakable nails soak them in warm milk for almost five minutes. Pat them dry afterwards and apply a moderately thick coat of nail strengthener.

To Stimulate Growth

If you wish to have long nails but tend to have a slow growth-rate, try incorporating Omega 3 in your routine diet. This supplement will work like a magic to accelerate your nail growth.

To Make Nail-Color Lasting

Application of a little vinegar before putting on nail polish can extend the life of your nail polish. Vinegar actually offers your nail color a sticky surface to adhere with and thus make it stay put for long.

Homemade Nail Cleanser

A lemon bath is an excellent home remedy to deep cleanse your nails, especially after gardening or heavy cleaning work. Create the soak by dunking lemon slices in warm water and steep your hands in it, pressing the nails into the lemon slice. Lemon juice will soften up the accumulated dirt, make the cleaning easier.

To Whiten Yellow Nails

If unfortunately constant use of nail polish has left your nails yellow and discolored, soak them in vinegar at least once a day. You’ll surely notice improvement after a few days.