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Parineeti Chopra’s Recent SIZZLING Photoshoot

(Photoshoot) By now you must have seen Parineeti Chopra’s SIZZLING photoshoot which was posted by the actress after completing four years in Bollywood.

ParineetiSIZZLINGphotoshoot nbsp

But did you know that the photoshoot was actually done as a part of her audition for Sultan.

ParineetiChoprasNewPhotoshoot nbsp

Sultan has two leading ladies in the film, but neither have been finalised till now.

ParineetiChoprasNewPhotoshootThatWentViral nbsp

Many names were linked to the film, especially Parineeti Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Kriti Sanon.

ParineetiChoprasrecentSIZZLINGphotoshoot nbsp

While Deepika revealed that she won’t be doing the film, Parineeti was a front runner since she is a favourite of YRF.

ParineetiChoprasrecentSIZZLINGphotoshoot nbsp

Aditya Chopra had also at a point finalised her, but it seems Salman Khan didn’t think she would fit the part.

ParineetiChopra nbsp

So, Parineeti got this photoshoot done to prove that she can do the part.

ParineetiChoprastunsinhernewlook nbsp

As a source close to the film reveals, “Parineeti Chopra knew about Sultan since a long time.

ParineetiChopraspecialphotoshoot nbsp

After Kill Dil she had decided to get fit and lost a lot of weight.

ParineetiChopraSIZZLINGphotoshoot nbsp

She wanted to be a part of Sultan and when she heard that she may not make the cut for Sultan, she worked extra hard.

ParineetiChopraSexyphotoshoot nbsp

This photoshoot that she released now was actually done for Sultan‘s audition and to prove that she can play a wrestler.

ParineetiChopraphotoshoot nbsp

However as things didn’t materialise.” “Guys, I am not doing Sultan, please put all rumours and speculations to rest and let me announce my next film when the time is right.”

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