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Pow wow with the Bow-Wows


Pow wow with the Bow-Wows – Pet lovers can look forward to this annual day long gala at the Cubbon Park this Sunday. The purpose is to promote responsible pet ownership

In an attempt to create a platform where children can get along with dogs in a safer and happier atmosphere, The Knights of Cubbon Bark are back with their second edition of Santa BowWow FunTrain being held at Cubbon Park on Sunday. Ensuring a gala of a time for pets and pet lovers, they have fun events and session planned keeping in mind the festive spirit of Christmas; dogs and folks with Christmasy gear, the spirit of love and giving, carol singing, paintings and Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus too!

Asha Mallan, an interiors consultant and an organiser of the event says, “The idea of organising the fun train is to create a warm and pleasant learning space, where one can understand in an easy, non-threatening manner, adults personality and interaction styles. In addition we know it is possible to foster a strong market for pet adoptions. Our trainer for the day has great expertise in the subject of human dog interaction. Many games and events with the sausage tree, doggy diets, doggy portraits, paintings, are being organised.”

Pow wow with the Bow-Wows