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Private security unlikely for Taimur

Private security unlikely for Taimur – But Saif’s youngest will be sent to boarding school, like both his older kids.

Rumours are doing the rounds that actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are thinking of organising for a personal security arrangement for their two-year-old son Taimur. But a source close to the couple dismisses the rumours as “unlikely”.

“I don’t think Saif and Kareena want Taimur to grow up in an unnatural environment, with security guards hovering around him. At the same time, they’re concerned about his safety as well,” the source says.

The parents will reportedly try to bring him up in as “normal” an environment as possible, with the freedom to play and make friends. However, he is likely to be shipped off to a boarding school at some point.

“Both of Saif’s older children, Sara and Ibrahim, were sent to boarding school in England when they reached their teens. But they didn’t have to face the paparazzi from a young age. Taimur may be packed off long before the age at which Sara and Ibrahim were sent,” the source adds.

Private security unlikely for Taimur