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Priyanka Chopra Beats Shahrukh Khan And Ranveer Singh

Hrithik Roshan‘s Bang Bang dare was the talk of the town some days back. Like many other stars actress Priyanka Chopra also was challenged and she did the act in style.
A recent poll conducted by a popular online portal , rated the tremendous response the campaign received from the public with actress Priyanka Chopra winning hands down.
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The poll received close to 25,000 votes and Priyanka topped it with over 56 percent of the votes beating the likes of Ranveer Singh who received 22% votes, followed by Shahrukh Khan with 19% votes.
Hrithik Roshan challenged Priyanka Chopra to do headstands and push-ups. Proving that nothing is impossible for this ‘SHERO’, Mary Kom actress Priyanka Chopra not only took up the challenge and performed 3 headstands and push-ups but also did it in her signature heels , much to everyone’s surprise.
The video is fast becoming a hit on the social media front with Priyanka Chopra‘s followers on Twitter crossing the 7 million mark.
All praise for the actress said Hrithik Roshan, “Give it Up for Super
Peecee…Unbelievable…This one can really just about do anything”.