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Rakhi Sawant | I Got My Breasts Done, Big Deal

(bollywood masala) Rakhi’s latest statement about breast implants is going viral. Rakhi Sawant never ceases to amuse us. Her craziness always keep us entertained. Well we also cringe, often with her bizarre antics. But we have got to admit that the actress is quite gutsy and bold. Her latest statement about breast implants is the proof. Rakhi’s latest statement about implants is going viral. Yep! Controversy’s favourite child has done it again. In an interview with a leading tabloid, she admitted to have gone under the knife.

Rakhi Sawant
rakhi sawant pictures

This is not the first time she has accepted the fact, but this is definitely the first time she has so blatantly spoke about it. When asked by the journalist, about undergoing a surgery Rakhi said “I got my breasts done. Big deal. If you start collecting the plastic that has gone into our Bollywood bodies, I can fill three trucks outside this very building. At least I’m honest enough to admit to it” You have got to agree she has a point. Rakhi was last going viral for Modi themed dress that she wore to a Republic Day party in the USA. Her dress, that had PM Narendra Modi printed all over, even at questionable places, made her a laughing stock.

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Seh exclusively talked to Bollywoodlife and said “I love Modi ji. Aur har citizen ko haq hai apne Prime Minister pe aur Prime Minister ka haq hai apne citizen pe. So I love my Modi ji and islie maine Modi dress banwaya hai taki main America me aake Independence day mana rahi hoon, India ko represent kar rahi hun, Modi ji ko represent kar rahi hun.” The actress is gearing up for the release of her film Ek Kahani Julie Ki. The trailer of the film is doing rounds on the internet. The trailer opens up with the most philosophical dialogue EVER!

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

“Tootate hue taare ko dekh kar kya wish mang rahi ho Julie?”
“Ye soch rahi hun ki tootate hue insane ko dekh kar ye sitaare kya wish mangte honge!”

Now that is some Rumi level stuff. The trailer doesn’t give any time to process this brilliantly pieced together string of words and moves on to other BEAUTIFUL aspects of the film. What follows are a few random shots of Rakhi romancing the lead hero Amit Verma in Goa and Dubai. Armaan Malik’s Oo Re Piya playing in the background holds on the last shred of hope for this film. But alas, the trippy stuff begins with the very next dialogue. Now the remaining trailer could only be described as a wormhole of dialogues that eats up any strand of good filmmaking that might have accidentally made its way to the final product. A murder mystery wrapped up with sleazy scenes and B-grade dialogues is what this entire trailer is all about.

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