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Ridhi Arora Launches Aquarelle Festive Summer Wardrobe Collection

(fashion show) This summer, Delhi based Designer Ridhi Arora gives you the best of fabrics with her new Aquarelle Collection. Make your summer elegant and colourful with fresh summer pastels and bright colours.

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Aquarelle means “transparent water color painting” which defines the look created in this collection. Ridhi Arora emphasises on creating looks with interesting silhouettes and drapes.

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The color tone ranges from soft pastels in aqua and blush to bright carrot and cherry in the formal gowns. Minimal yet sophisticated embroideries add to the look of the collection.

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Chanderi cottons and thin silks are used for gowns with a structured look. Ridhi Arora says, “Chic, light yet formal, the collection is comfortable but at the same time doesn’t lose the oomph factor.

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Light fabrics like georgettes and chiffons are flowy and make for nice drapes to give you the glamorous look.” The collection is especially for those women who like to be comfortable yet have a sense of style and glamour.

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