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Shocking: Priyanka Chopra Asked To Flash Her Underwear

Off late there are a lot of strange and bizzare things happening in Bollywood, from casting couch stories to mms scandals, wardrobe malfunctions of actresses like Priyanka Chopra and the latest to join this list is the trending controversy of Deepika’s cleavage show article. But by far the most bizarre thing that one can come across is for one to flash their underwear.

Yes, a film director in Bollywood had propositioned hottie Priyanka Chopra to flash her underwear in a song, stating it would draw people to theatres. Now, how low can the filmmaker stoop to, for him to actualy ask ans actress to show her panties just so on the ideology that it would draw people to theatres.

Priyanka herself made this revelations when an editor of a leading magazine was doing a question answer round with her on Twitter. The editor asked her to reveal the meanest thing someone has said to her, be it a director or producer and that’s when the actress revealed this shocking info.

Priyanka Chopra has suffered a many wardrobe malfunctions in which she has mistakenly flashed her panties but to have an director proposition something like this must have truly been hurtful. The actress has fallen victim to wardrobe malfunctions more than once, this is one strange coincidence that the actress’s last wardrobe malfunction was when she wore a translucent skirt, making her panties quite visible.

She had worn a black sheer skirt and when she climbed on the stage to perform her hit single from her album, the light that was focused o her ended up focusing her panties more, thereby drawing more attention to that than her singing talent. Here are a couple of pictures showing the wardrobe malfunctions of the actress.

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