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Shruti Haasan gains weight for ‘Behen Hogi Teri’


Shruti Haasan gains weight for ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ – The actress left no stone unturned to look her part as the Punjabi girl next door in her film…

Known as one of B-Town’s fittest actress with a great sculpted body, Shruti Haasan has had to take a slightly different route and gain weight to play her character Binny in Behen Hogi Teri.

Says an insider source, “Shruti plays the character of a feisty small town Punjabi girl from Lucknow. The character is from a Khata Peeta family and had a lot of spunk and Shruti loved how edgy and fun her character was. Shruti kept her look very fresh, clean and simple for this one and was even asked to gain some weight to fit in with the big happy family. Being someone who’s always been a fitness freak, this was new for her but she was willing to take up the challenge and pile on a few kilos. She changed her diet and made it more carb heavy. Also altered her workout regime to a slightly lighter version.”

And it’s definitely shown results! People have loved Shruti’s look which is so different from all she’s done before. Her fans flooded her social media with all their love for her new avatar.

Ask Shruti about taking on this challenge and about her commitment to the role and she says, “I think every character requires a certain look and vibe for it to be as real as possible. Given the family and background that Binny Arora was from, she needed to be slightly fuller and that’s why I had to gain the weight. And thankfully, it paid off given the amazing response our trailer got. Soon after the film shoot, I got back to my intense workout regime and made sure I lost all the weight, especially since I was going to start my combat training prep for Sangamithra.”