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Shruti, Nucleya to collaborate


Shruti, Nucleya to collaborate – A special track recorded by the actress and the electronic music producer comes out next month.

Actor-singer Shruti, who has created waves on the music scene both nationally and internationally, is all set to add another solid piece of work to her discography — an exclusive production recorded in collaboration with the electronic music producer Nucleya.

The special track will come out in November 2018, and it will feature in Nucleya’s upcoming album.

Shruti, Nucleya to collaborate

Talking about it, Shruti says, “I was really excited to work on this collaboration, which I believe is filled with creativity! Nucleya was an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve always admired what he has achieved musically, how he has combined genres so effortlessly, and how he is able to connect with the audience in the most amazing way. This has been one of my favourite experiences.”

Nucleya is a popular name in the world of indie electronic music. And he’s just as impressed by Shruthi’s musical talents.

“Shruti blew me away with her abilities as a singer, lyricist and songwriter. She wrote all the lyrics and the vocals for our collaborative track, and it’s turning out great,” he says.

Shruti, Nucleya to collaborate


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