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‘Simran’ review: Kangana Ranaut’s noteworthy performance fails to rise above cliches


‘Simran’ review: Kangana Ranaut’s noteworthy performance fails to rise above cliches – An out and out Kangana Ranaut movie falters when it comes to using logic in the script.

Kangana Ranaut in and as ‘Simran’ (YouTube Screen Grab)

Movie: Simran

Directed by: Hansal Mehta

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Soham Shah

What it’s about:

Praful Patel, (Kangana Ranaut) a divorcee, lives with her parents in Atlanta. She works as a housekeeping staff in a hotel and wants to move out of her parents home. She has saved up money and the future looks promising. But a night in Las Vegas changes everything and she has no options left but to steal money. Soon, she finds herself deeper in trouble than ever before. How she comes out of it is the story of Simran.

What’s good:

Kangana Ranaut is the star of the film. Literally. Apart from her, there is not a single actor you can name. She is delightful in every scene and in character throughout. Only problem is that she seems to have played a messed up character many times before. But still, another noteworthy performance from her. Sonam Shah plays the role of the good boy rather well.

What’s not:

Let’s count the cliches first. The Indian parents constantly bickering, the stereotypical — angry father and simpering mother, who think their child is a failure and are obsessed with getting her married to “reduce their burden.” The American characters appear to be the locals who were picked from the streets to act in a “Bollywood film.” From the coke-snorting Don to his henchmen and from her boss to the bank executive, they will make you laugh with their attempts to act. Don’t bother questioning how a girl in the US gets away with robbery every single time. Starting with the store where the CCTV camera can be seen in the scene, over her head, she is not wearing any disguise, and the guy even sees her drive away in her car! She then robs banks and gets away with that too. The director doesn’t think his audience is smart enough to question that. The songs only add anything to the film. The climax will make you squirm uncomfortably in your seat as you wait for it to come to an end.

What to do:

Don’t go expecting Simran to be like her namesake in DDLJ.

Ratings: **

‘Simran’ review: Kangana Ranaut’s noteworthy performance fails to rise above cliches


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