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‘Simran’ Teaser: 5 Reasons to look forward to Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie!

‘Simran’ Teaser: 5 Reasons to look forward to Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie! – The teaser of ‘Simran’ is out and it is giving us all the happy vibes!

(Image courtesy: Youtube Screengrab)

The makers of Kanagan Ranaut’s upcoming release Simran, unveiled the teaser of he film on Sunday night. The Hansal Mehta directorial is slated to hit the theatres on September 15 and the teaser of the film has already piqued our interest. Simran Teaser introduces us to the peppy and naughty side of Kangana’s character in the film. However, word has it, that the movie may not be all about the quirky things as it’s supposed to be based on real life events..

Here are five reasons to look forward to the movie:

1. The teaser of Hansal Mehta’s new movie, Simran entertains us with its comic and light flair. After Kangana’s intense character in Rangoon, her comeback in Simran in a completely different avatar; quirky and playful, would be interesting to watch.

2. Kangana’s character in Simran brings a smile on our face. Going by the teaser, she plays a character that is full of life and always happy, living life in a carefree manner. As per the teaser, the movie is light on its mood.

3. However, the one minute long teaser does not provide much insight about the movie. The teaser provides no plot reveal and yet keeping out interest in a very subtle way.

4. Sohum Shah is also a part of the movie. We eagerly look forward to the chemistry between Kangana and Sohum Shah, the pair performing together for the first time on screen.

5. Kangana is seen in multiple looks in the teaser- from donning caps to cowboy hats, from red wigs to blonde hair. This aspect of the trailer excites us as well as keeps the mystery of the story alive. no dialogues in the teaser further keep the plot under wraps.

Simran releases on September 15, 2017 to give us the answers to all our questions!