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Sonia is not responsible for my divorce: Himesh Reshammiya’s ex-wife Komal breaks silence!


Sonia is not responsible for my divorce: Himesh Reshammiya’s ex-wife Komal breaks silence! – Himesh and Komal are now officially divorced…

Himesh Reshammiya with girlfriend Sonia Kapoor

Himesh Reshammiya and wife Komal are now officially divorced. The music composer turned actor ended his 22 year old marriage. They had filed for divorce last year and the Court has now granted it to them.

On Tuesday evening, The Bombay Court granted divorce to Himesh and Komal. Talking about it, Himesh said, “Sometimes in life mutual respect becomes most important and giving due respect to our relationship. Me and Komal have amicably decided to part ways legally as husband and wife and there is no problem whatsoever with this decision amongst us and our family as every member of the family have respected our decision and yet Komal is and will always remain a part of our family and I will always be a part of her family.”

Wife Komal also opened up on the divorce and said, “Himesh and I completely respect each other and are jointly going ahead with this decision to part ways legally but mutual respect will always be there between us as I am a part of his family and will always be, and the same is with him towards my family. There are compatibility issues in our marriage but we respect each other immensely.”

There were reports about how Himesh’s closeness to TV actress Sonia Kapoor. The music director is in love with her and also plans to marry her soon. But Komal maintained her dignity and asked the media to not target Sonia. “Nobody else should be dragged into this matter and nobody else is responsible for this and the reason for our marriage not working is only and only compatibility. Sonia is not responsible for this at all and our son Swaym and our family loves Sonia just like a family member.”


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