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Urban Factory Exclusive Collection at Fashion Week 2016 | Bangalore

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( fashion weeks) Urban Factory (UF) will be launching its exclusive women collections at the Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 with the models showcasing the clothing line on the runway. UF has created a meaningful fashion that will enhance every Indian woman‘s lifestyle. UF will showcase an avid range of unique designs, soft fabrics, elegant styles, vibrant colors, sleek cut works and patterns to suit every Indian woman‘s style.


The collection is themed according to the season and each theme will be well projected by the models on the ramp. The collection is divided into four colorful themes to give a matchless touch reflecting the uniqueness of cuts, fabrics, work, patterns and more to enhance every Indian woman‘s wardrobe with style and attitude. The four themes included.


1. Indigo Blue – Encompasses different tones of blue in the garments with straight line cuts and geometrical prints, whilst being comfortably and fashionable

2. Nature Sage – Brings out the natural colors that stand outstanding with leather details giving an exotic look


3. Mosaic Tiles – Played around with Mosaic prints with lace details for more feminine and sophisticated look

4. Belle de Jour – Provides for a more festive occasion through Romantic-era inspired flairs and tones


Madhuri Lakkapragada, Founder, Urban Factory on the occasion of the product launch says,“Urban Factory caters to both professional and casual fashion so you can still feel comfortable and outstanding at the same time. You can find yourself wearing UF designs at work, conferences, or even at a simple dinner with friends and family. Moreover, the design team also creates elusive garments which, we are certain, could assist our customers to further enhance their personal styles through different combination of fabrics.”


Since UF launch in August 2015 it has maintained a steady growth and has developed a strong image in the fashion industry that provides appealing, elegant and stylish western clothing for women. Rajender Nagulapalle, Director Technology, Urban Factory said, “UF is also a technology driven global platform that provides opportunities for aspiring modern fashion designers, boutique owners and young talented fashionista‘s across the globe to use their creative skills and create their own brand name thus giving them an opportunity to become entrepreneurs.”