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Vaani Kapoor: One can even wear garbage bags if they are confident enough


Vaani Kapoor: One can even wear garbage bags if they are confident enough – Today, when social media has become all-pervasive and actors are closely scrutinised for what they wear on a regular basis, style has become an important segment of the entire power play. Vaani Kapoor, however, deals with it in her own way. She admits, “Sometimes, it can be pressurising,” but adds quickly, “The best thing is to not let it affect you at all.” Quiz the Befikre actress about her sartorial sense and she quips, “I get collywobbles while talking about it.” On the sidelines of a fashion event, she tells us how she likes to be comfortable in her own skin, without conforming to norms.

Marks & Spencer has a new concept for their Spring-Summer collection titled Rethink. What’s your idea on the same?

I feel they have truly come up with a creative idea to be able to empower women by giving them opportunities to try and experiment with new styles. Now, there will be stylists on board, who will guide customers on getting the perfect looks.

Sometimes, you can be doubtful or oblivious of how something can look so good on you, because you haven’t tried it before. There are cooler, quirkier styles like stripes and animal prints, which they have incorporated in the formal set-up to make it a little informal.

Has there ever been an instance when you were told that you won’t be able to carry off a particular outfit, but you did?

My favourite designer and good friend Nikhil Thampi tries something on me and I’ll be like, “Aahhhh! Not this, there’s too much back showing.” But when I wear it, I end up looking the best (smiles).

What’s your fashion statement?

I’d like to believe that I’m chic yet cool and casual. So I guess, I have a comfortable sense of style.

Are you picky about your outfits?

I know what I can pull off and what I can’t. That’s important for everyone because not everything will look good on you. But you must definitely try to see if it works for you.

How important is it to stay true to your style?

Fashion is something that comes and goes. What remains is your style and that’s nothing but an extension of your personality that you are showcasing via your clothes. If you’re feeling comfortable and confident in whatever you are sporting, you will pull it off. One can even wear garbage bags if they are confident enough. It’ll then become a trend. It’s all about the ease with which you pull off an outfit.

What’s the most risqué ensemble that you have worn?

I don’t wear backless gowns in my everyday life because they are gala gowns. But they look extremely sexy at events.

Who’s the biggest fashionista according to you?

I like how Deepika (Padukone) and Anushka (Sharma) dress. Kangana (Ranaut) can pull off everything. Priyanka Chopra Jonas wears clothes with lots of confidence. Among the heroes, Ranveer (Singh) is the quirkiest and has the most eccentric sense of style. Even Karan Johar is experimental, creative and he comes up with cool looks for himself. Then, there’s Hrithik (Roshan), too.

Today, everyone has their own photographers clicking their appearances. Does social media put that pressure on actors?

I don’t do it on a daily basis. I do it only when I have to go for these events where I have to showcase lovely dresses and I have to justify the designer that it’s worth giving them to me. But otherwise, you will see my candid pictures.

On the one hand, there’s fashion policing while on the other, there’s the anonymous Instagram account Diet Sabya that picks up on copied outfits…

Diet Sabya doesn’t pick on people and police them. They just call out people for copying someone. I stay oblivious to the moral policing that happens otherwise. I might not have the best sense of style, but I have a decent one. I dress up for myself and there’s no pressure.

Vaani Kapoor: One can even wear garbage bags if they are confident enough


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