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Veere Di Wedding Trailer: 5 Reasons why we’re head-over-heels in love with Sonam Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor Khan film

Veere Di Wedding Trailer: 5 Reasons why we’re head-over-heels in love with Sonam Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor Khan film

Finally! The makers of Veere Di Wedding have unveiled its much anticipated trailer and we’re pretty excited to watch the film ASAP. The movie that boasts of a stunning women-led ensemble cast of Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania looks like the perfect answer to Bollywood’s ‘buddy films’ that we’ve all become so used to watching. If the trailer is anything to go by, then though Veere Di Wedding appears to be another chick flick on the surface but it deals with much more than the bond of friendship that binds these four ladies as soulmates for a lifetime. 

From a fun filled bachelorette trip to elaborate shopping, cribbing and bitching sessions – what’s not to love about the trailer of Veere Di Wedding

Here are 5 reasons why we’re totally digging the Veere Di Wedding trailer:

1) The Veeres (girl gang):

Sonam, Kareena, Swara and Shikha totally define new friendship goals, especially for all the ladies out there. After watching the trailer, you’d definitely want to pick up your phone and give a call to that long-distance bestie of yours who’s not just a friend, but like family to you. From gossip sessions to cribbing lessons, these four Veeres make the most of their time together. They know each other inside out and that pretty much reflects in their chemistry with each other.

kareena sonam swara shikha veere di wedding

2) The Wedding:

When the girl gang finds out that one of their Veere’s (Kareena aka Kalindi) is to get married to her boyfriend (Sumeet Vyas aka Rishabh) their lives take a turn. Kalindi seems unsure of her wedding and the baggage of commitment that comes along with it, especially how she’ll be expected to behave in a more ‘socially acceptable’ way typical to a newly wed bahu while her friends try to calm her down. Apparently differences crop up towards the end and later she calls off her wedding. Kareena steals the show in a number of frames, be it the proposal scene or the one where she’s worried that she’s now become ‘Mrs Malhotra’. The way she asks Sumeet whether they’re getting married for themselves or for the entire town (post which Sumeet falls off the prop-like moon swing) is pretty hilarious. 

sumeet vyas kareena veere di wedding

3) The Costumes:

We knew that the costumes in Veere Di Wedding will be the ones to watch out for from the moment the first look posters of the film were out and our faith got reinstated in our assumption after watching the VDW trailer. Every single person occupying the frame looks abs-o-lutely stunning in almost every single shot. Even the scenes in which the ladies are not decked up, they look breathtakingly beautiful in their casual attires. We totally heart the way the different looks of Sonam, Kareena, Swara and Shikha have been put together and did we mention how gorgeous are the accessories that adorn the ladies? You might want to watch the trailer again to soak in the details there!

sikha kareena sonam swara veere di wedding

3) The Music:

The trailer gives us a fair idea of the kind of peppy and upbeat music that forms the core of the film. Be it a few lines from ‘Munni’, ‘Teri puppy le loon’ or the title track itself which plays towards the end of the trailer, we’re definitely looking forward to the music album of Veere Di Wedding. Apart from giving us a few dance numbers, looks like it will also give us a female buddy anthem too. 

kareena sonam swara shikha dance collage veere di wedding

4) The Dialogues:

Going by the trailer, Shikha Talsania and Kareena seem to have some of the best dialogues in the film and this is established right at the beginning of the trailer when Shikha pulls Sonam’s leg while she’s discussing her guy troubles. Also, watch out for Shikha, revealing what an orgasm is called in Hindi at the end of the trailer. Largely, the makers have made it a point to use the language commonly spoken by the current generation which seems to be in sync with the vibe and setting of the film as well. The Veeres don’t think twice before using cuss words or swearing while they’re in the middle of a conversation. The scene where Shikha loudly proclaims “Aaj ham kutton ki tarah piyenge” at what-looks-like the sangeet ceremony/bachelorette party of Kalindi (Kareena) is not to be missed. 

shikha sonam kareena swara veere di wedding

5) The Backstory:

Though, so much is happening in the Veere Di Wedding trailer, it’s hard to miss that each of these four ladies have a backstory of their own. This is brought out towards the end of the trailer when Neena Gupta, who apparently plays Sonam’s mother tries to highlight how all her friends are weird. While Shikha eloped and got married, Swara’s marriage is on the rocks and she’s about to get divorced. Kareena, who’s wedding forms the premise of the film, eventually ends up calling off her wedding. Despite their problems and an apparant fall-out, Sonam isn’t ready to hear a word against her friends. While we look forward to all the fun-n-faff in the film, we’re also intrigued about the backstory of each of the four leading ladies. 

veere di wedding backstory

A special mention to Sumeet Vyas, who once again seems to have nailed his act by holding his own along side Kareena. Be it his bewildered expression post the proposal scene, or his conversation with his father where he tells him that they’d discussed to have only 200 guests at the wedding, his expressions and mannerisms are bang on-point. They serve the much-needed comic relief at regular intervals too. 

In case you missed it, watch the Veere Di Wedding trailer right here:

Directed by Khoobsurat fame Shashanka Ghosh, Veere Di Wedding is all set to hit the theatres on June 1.  

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Veere Di Wedding Trailer: 5 Reasons why we’re head-over-heels in love with Sonam Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor Khan film