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‘Vid’ a spiritual twist

‘Vid’ a spiritual twist – From the holy city of varanasi comes this telly actress who is helming a new show that will see her in the role of Sita.

After a series of films in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, she made her debut in Kannada alongside Challenging Star Darshan in Viraat. Coming from the spiritual capital of India — Varanasi, she grew up watching the sensational Madhuri Dixit and this instilled in her a passion which saw her eventually choose the entertainment industry as a career. Despite graduating in Biotechnology and then pursuing her MBA, she took up modelling and then films, and is now shining bright on the small screen.

Following Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, actress Vidisha Srivastava takes up her first-ever mythological drama playing Sita in Srimad Bhagavad which is set to go on air from March on Colors TV. In an exclusive interview, the actress talks about her telly journey, the coveted role of playing Sita, and much more.

“The journey so far on both the small and big screen has been wonderful. For any actor whether on the big or small screen, we always have to give our best so it is not much of a change, except for shooting time which is regular, and long. I feel very fortunate to have started my television career with Balaji Telefilms, and even more fortunate to get an opportunity to work in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,” says Vidisha Srivastava.

On portraying Sita, she says that the iconic character has always been portrayed as an epitome of chastity. “We portray her as an ideal woman with principles, values, someone who has always been a perfect wife and mother. She is also intelligent, independent and absolutely loyal. However, in Srimad Bhagavad, the audience will see a totally unknown side of Sita, and her sacrifices,” she shares, adding that playing it was an honour and she is very proud of it.

Since it is her first mythological drama, the actress explains that it took some time for her to get into the role and learn the specific range of vocabulary and mannerisms that were to be used during the shoot. “But it was fun and I enjoyed it,” she adds.

With a super cool family who supports her, she feels that it helps give her best. “I still remember my father sitting for hours until the shoot ended during the early days of my career. Now, that role is still taken up by my mother, who happily sits for long hours. At times, I am too tired and just want to crash but my mother is awake, ensuring that I have proper home-cooked food,” she adds.

As to what led her into the industry, she reveals that growing up watching Madhuriji on screen stirred the rebel in her to become an artiste. “It started from local pageants, modelling, theatre and movies in south Indian languages. And finally, I am here on the small screen, feeling connected to each and every household.”

Vidisha is choosing her work carefully, and focusing on television for now. She feels it’s too early to say anything. “As of now, it’s time to make my fans happy on the small screen,” she signs off.

‘Vid’ a spiritual twist