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WATCH: New clip from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ shows how to extend a ‘Dinner Invitation’

WATCH: New clip from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ shows how to extend a ‘Dinner Invitation’ – All you need is a dashing, debonaire smile!


Remember that time in the original Beauty and the Beast when, before inviting Belle for dinner, the Beast gets into a whole conversation about how to smile when he extends the invitation?

Well, if you do, Disney has unveiled a new clip from the live-action reboot of the movie in which Ewan McGregor’s Lumiere want to see that ‘Beastly’ smile.

In the clip, two funny things take place. One is the Beast’s poor attempt at smiling in a friendly manner. The second is McGregor’s funny French accent.

Lumiere was voiced by late Jerry Orbach in the original animated movies and one quickly fell for the charming manners of the chef turned candelabra. This small clip from the Emma Watson-Dan Stevens starrer makes you want to giggle when McGregor’s Lumiere says, “Yes, the poohr tshing in there is probably scaared to death.” And then giggle some more when he says, “Now, remember. Be gentle.” After additional inputs from other staff members, he continues, “Aand when she opens dah door, give er a dashing, debonair smile. Come come, show me the smile”

You will lose it when the Beast attempts that ‘dashing’ and oh so ‘debonair’ smile.

Watch the clip

Directed by Bill Condon, Beauty and the Beast will hit the screens on March 17.

Here’s the clip from original movie