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Watch: When an IITian stumped Yami Gautam


Watch: When an IITian stumped Yami Gautam – Yami Gautam, who is busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Batti Gul Meter Chaalu’ these days, took some time off from her busy schedule to spread awareness on mental wellness. The actress recently spoke at IIT Powai, Mumbai on the importance of staying healthy – both physically and mentally, and what it actually means to focus on wholesome fitness.

As someone who works towards being both physically and mentally fit, Yami spoke on the trials and tribulations people go through, why asking for help is key, how each industry has problems and why one must have an outlet of some form to help reduce the pressure. She also discussed why India needs to embrace the word ‘Therapy’ and allow people to go without fear to a therapist if need be.

The students welcomed Yami by singing “Paani Da”, the popular song from her debut film, ‘Vicky Donor’ and the evening flowed by with a volley of questions on mental wellness. One of the students, in particular, caught everyone’s attention by asking her about Bollywood’s skewed representation of depressed people. He asked her why are more films not being made on depression when it’s such a pressing issue in the country and when they are why are those characters shown in a certain stereotypical way.

To this Yami said that one doesn’t need to look up to films for everything. But, when the guy reminded her of the kind of impact cinema has on the impressionable minds of the youth, the actress said,

“You’re right cinema is a very powerful medium, I agree. This (mental health) is something that is being talked about all over the world but a country, we are just warming up to this concept. Your parents or grandparents, basically our previous generations, still might not understand what’s actually happening. I’m glad that there are some actors and actresses who are openly talking about it. So, the dialogue has started. And, it’s a good idea and there should be and I’m sure they will be films made not just on a lover who has had a break-up or something but just generally on life. I hope more of you go and watch such films and encourage film-makers to think that ‘yeah we should make such films’. So, that’s not a bad idea at all. But, apart from that, you don’t need movies, you can go to Goa, Chandigarh, have chicken. Do whatever that makes you happy. Cry, talk and moveover.”

Watch Yami Gautam’s reply –

Talking about her speech at IIT Powai, Yami said, “Mental health is such a taboo even to this day. It isn’t a newer or older generation problem and pointing fingers never helps a situation. It is really good to see young people taking a step toward being mentally healthy and strong too and using whatever help they get to fight their illness. We need more and more people educated on the topic, young, old and everyone in between. I was honoured and delighted IIT thought me worthy to talk about it. Opening up is the first step to better mental health and if I can give someone the confidence to do the same, I think I have succeeded.”

Watch: When an IITian stumped Yami Gautam