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‘Wish I could show the world what I had made’: ‘Motichoor Chaknachoor’ director disowns Nawazuddin-Athiya’s film


‘Wish I could show the world what I had made’: ‘Motichoor Chaknachoor’ director disowns Nawazuddin-Athiya’s film – In a long statement, ‘Motichoor Chaknachoor’ director Debamitra Biswal stated that she regrets the audience couldn’t get to witness the original vision of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Athiya Shetty‘s film.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Athiya Shetty starrer Motichoor Chaknachoor released on Friday and it has already tanked at the box office. In the first four days of its release, the rom-com only made Rs 1.40 crore at the domestic market. The film is directed by Debamitra Biswal who now has completely disowned Motichoor Chaknachoor. She shared a long statement on her social media pages and also apologised to viewers for not being able to save the film and how the couldn’t watch the original vision.

Her statement read as “Now that the film is finally releasing, I would like to tell everyone that this has been the toughest journey in my life ever. But unfortunately not the best one at the end. We all from the actors to the technicians to everyone involved in the film made this film with immense love and hard work. But I guess not all journey is made successful.

Everyone who has worked in a film knows very well how important an edit is for a film. Sticking shots together does not make a film. I wish important decision-makers of the film could have understood this. But I will always be grateful to the beautiful souls who helped me complete this film but sadly no one can watch the magic that we created.

Thank you, Chandan Arora, for showing me how a great film is made on the edit table. Thank you for editing it beyond beautiful. Sadly the world is not seeing our work.

Thank you, Megh for writing the hilarious dialogues and the amazing screenplay with me but sadly the world is not going to see our version of fun.

Thank you, Nawaz Ji, Athiya, Vibha Chibber, Navni Parihar, Sanjeeva Vats, Abhishek Rawat, Sapna Sand, Karuna Pandey, Vivek Mishra Ji, Usha Nagar Ji, Rachna Pakai, n little Devansh, for putting the bestest in this film. Sadly no one will get to watch that best.

I will only cherish the sounds of people who laughed n enjoyed at the personal screening of my version even without any background music or proper dubbing. Sadly that version is not coming out. Only due to some silly ego fights which have no meaning at all.

Thank you, my entire team. Thank you Tariq Bhai, Suhas Gujrati, Sanjay Bansal, Zeeshan, Imran… thank you not only for helping me out in the film but thank you for standing by me throughout.

Sorry, I could not save the film. We know what great potential it had. But I guess sometimes things get ruined even after a lot of honesty put in.

I still wish I could show the world what I had made.

Thank you Sohaib for taking all this pain for the last three years and still standing by me like a rock. Your support is beyond measure. I might have fallen short on luck with this film but definitely beyond grateful to God to bless me you as my husband. Sorry, I could not make you proud this time.

Lastly very important notice to all near and dear ones:

It’s OK if you still want to watch the film but go at your own risk. I will not be responsible for your bheja fry. An experience definitely as sweet as Motichoor, but an outcome is total Chaknachoor.”

‘Wish I could show the world what I had made’: ‘Motichoor Chaknachoor’ director disowns Nawazuddin-Athiya’s film

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